Myxer: Social Entertainment Experts

Myxer (Myxer Inc.) is a social entertainment company allowing consumers simple access to free media content for their mobile device and provides opportunity for seamless sharing among their social communities. Myxer's media catalog contains over 2 million pieces of free and premium licensed content including music, apps, images, games and video all with absolutely no hidden costs or subscription fees. Over 57 million users have performed more than 3 billion downloads from Myxer. Myxer's mobile site is one of the largest in the U.S. offering the world's most well-known brands unique mobile content opportunities to engage Myxer consumers. Myxer also allows its consumers to create, personalize and share content providing seamless integration from and with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In 2005, we set out with a core purpose: "to empower people through technology." We committed ourselves to bringing the open spirit and scale of the internet to mobile. We wanted to make it radically simple for anyone to deliver high-quality entertainment content to any audience. We espoused ourselves to a spirit of inclusion and universality.

We have never lost sight of the fact that; above all else— we're here for the people. Content providers, advertisers, brands, and consumers remain foremost in our minds, for without all of you, there would certainly be no us. And, while others may toil to make their products exclusive, it's the focus on being all-inclusive that makes Myxer successful.

Myxer is a registered trademark. Myxer operates websites including and