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The Postmarks "Myxer has provided us with another way of connecting with our Postmarks fanbase, as well as connecting with a huge audience of potential new fans. The fact that fans can access our content, directly from their phones, via our Myxer mobile website, is truly fantastic. We have promoted our last two albums with Myxer, distributing ringtones, wallpapers, and mobile videos—and it has proven to be very successful—it gets our stamp of approval."
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Connect with fans on-the-go, sharing your original ringtones, wallpapers and videos in order to drive awareness and/or sales. Myxer's 'MobileStage' gives you the power and unique ability to easily share and directly deliver your original content to fans on the one thing they rarely leave home without-their phones. Now is the time to harness the unprecedented reach and power of the mobile internet, and 'MobileStage' will help you do it, so you can continue to do what it is you do best-create.
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