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How do I create an account?

It's super-easy! Just go here: ( and choose the account that best suits your needs. Then fill out all of the required information.

What's a Mobile Artist account?

Myxer offers artists the easiest-to-use tools and most powerful mobile presence in the world. With a free 'Mobile Artist' account, you'll have instant access to a universal mobile presence, including a personalized mobile web site and text keyword/text-message fanlist, as well as mobile download distribution to any phone—including ringtones, images, and video. In today's landscape of fragmented Smart phone platforms, apps, and social network services, Myxer gives you a simple yet powerful way to capitalize on the explosive growth of the mobile web—so you can reach any fan on any phone, your way.

Can I upload full track MP3’s to share with my fans?

Yes, we support full track audio. You’ll be able to share all of your MP3’s.

How will I know how many times my content has been downloaded?

You'll always have access to an Activity Report that will display all of this information. All you have to do is login and go to the "Home" tab from your Artist Dashboard.

How do I get a custom texting code?
How do I get a custom URL?
Can people text in to receive all of my content?
Can people text in to receive a specific piece of content?
What is a Keyword?
What is an Item Keyword?

We offer a special Keyword feature that's available to all of our artist accounts. We allow every artist to create a custom texting/URL Keyword. However, it must be at least 6 characters long and it must end with a letter. Then using that Keyword, people will have the ability to text it to "69937" (MYXER) to receive a link to your Mobile Artist profile with all of your content. They'll then have the option of choosing which item they'd like to send to their phone. The Keyword that you select will also be used as your vanity Myxer URL, for example: ( We also offer something called Item Keywords that allow people to text for a specific piece of content. Every item that's uploaded onto Myxer is assigned a default number as an Item Keyword. However, you'll always have the ability to customize the Item Keyword to whatever you'd like. For example: ( – click on the "Share It" tab – as you can see, the Item Keyword for this ringtone is "Love". Therefore, people can text "Marvin Love" to "69937" to receive a link to download that specific ringtone.

How can I promote my content?
How can I generate more page views/downloads?
Can I share my content from my own website?
What is a widget?
What is a Storefront?

We offer a promotional single-piece widget as well as a multi-piece storefront widget. The single-piece widgets are HTML flash links that can be pasted (embedded) into any website or blog that will then allow people to preview and send an item to their phone, directly from the site. Storefront widgets are just like regular widgets, except they make it possible to offer multiple pieces of content within the widget. You'll also have the option of customizing the background image and the text color that displays inside both of the widgets.
Myxer Widget
Myxer Storefront

How do I embed a Widget or Storefront into my website?

All you have to do is login and go to the "Widgets & Keyword" tab from your Artist Dashboard and then follow the instructions.

How can I connect with my fans?

Using the Myxer Fanlist feature! Myxer's Fanlist will allow you to keep in touch with all of your fans through text messaging and email. You can send all of your fans who have signed up for your Fanlist important information or announcements. For example: concert dates, CD releases, new mobile content that's available, etc. Here's the best part, you can tell your fans to text "Join YourCustomKeyword" to "69937" (MYXER) to join your Fanlist. For example, let's assume your Keyword was "TheBand" someone could text "Join TheBand" to "69937" (MYXER) and they would automatically join your Fanlist and receive all of your updates.

How long does it take to review a piece of content and/or image?

It shouldn’t take any longer than 24 hours to review an item or image. However, if an item or image is submitted for review on a Friday, unfortunately it may take until the following Monday to complete the review process. If for some reason your item or image hasn’t been reviewed in a timely fashion, please contact immediately.

How come people with Verizon Wireless can’t access my content?

Unfortunately, Verizon has all of the control when it comes to the content that they allow their users to receive. They don’t allow anything that could be perceived as offensive. Therefore, we had to create a separate catalog called MyxerSelect that only hosts content that meets Verizon's requirements. Obviously, we would prefer if it didn't have to be this way but there's not much we can do at this time. If you believe your content isn't offensive (i.e. no profanity, sexual references, drug references, etc.) please send a list of your non-offensive items to and we’ll add all of the appropriate items into the MyxerSelect catalog. Then everyone will be able to get your content regardless of their wireless carrier and/or phone model. However, there are still a few exceptions. ( for more information.

How come my content doesn’t appear in the search results?

Well, there are a few reasons why this could be happening. The first reason might have something to do with Verizon Wireless (see above). The second reason is your content might be marked as "May Offend". If an item is marked as "May Offend" only users who have their content filtering option turned off will be able to view those items. Btw, just so you know, content filtering is turned on as a default for users who aren’t signed in. So basically if an item is marked as "May Offend" anyone who isn’t signed in won’t be able to view that item. The third reason why your content might not appear is because you haven’t tagged it properly. After you’ve upload an item, you need to make sure to check three of the suggested tags and also add three of your own on the "Edit Details" page. Then if someone searches something on Myxer using one of those keywords your item will appear.

Does Myxer work with every phone and wireless carrier around the world?

Our service works with most phones and wireless carriers both inside and outside of the United States. However, there are a few exceptions. ( for more information.

Why is my content disabled?

Well, there are two reasons why your content might be disabled.
  1. You need to verify your email address.
  2. You previously had a MobileStage PRO account with content for sale that had prices. When the MobileStage PRO service was discontinued, we disabled all of your premium content because you no longer have the option to set retail prices.
How to re-enable your content: You can re-enable your content as FREE content. To re-enable your content, just login to your MobileStage dashboard, click on the "Content" icon, and click on the "Manage" tab. Then, click the "Edit Details" link in the "Actions" column and click the "Next" button. Once you are on the Details page, look in the "Community Settings" box and check the "Enable" checkbox. Unfortunately, you will have to complete this process for every one of your items individually.

If your question wasn't answered here, please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for using Myxer!

-The Myxer Crew