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What happened to Myxer Credits?

Background of Myxer Credits

In the past, Myxer charged users for making their own ringtones. The unit of cost was a Myxer Credit, which had a retail price of $ 1.49 (though we often had special offers making them cheaper, and we gave them out for things like referring friends and so forth). Yup, we used to make people pay us to use our stuff. Crazy, huh?

As of mid-October, the use of "make your own ringtones" is completely free. We no longer charge anything when you create and send ringtones (or wallpapers) to your phone.

As a part of this change, we've put together a reward program for the thousands of users who have helped us grow by purchasing credits and referring friends. In a nutshell:

  • If you've ever paid us for Myxer credits, we're letting you spend all of that money again, this time toward the purchase of any Myxer premium content. Even if you already used the credits you bought.
  • If you've been rewarded with Myxer credits for signing up friends, we've given you $2 toward the purchase of Myxer premium content for every friend you signed up.

Account Balances will be expiring on June 30th

We are doing a little spring cleaning around here and will be getting rid of any remaining cash balances as of June 30th. To see if you have a cash balance in your account, please go to

You can use your cash balance towards the purchase of any premium (non-free) content in our catalog. Click here for a list of some of the most popular premium ringtones and wallpapers.

Thanks again for being a Myxer early adopter and helping us to grow. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Common Questions

Is it really free to make my own ringtones and wallpapers?

Yes. We know, you don't believe us. We hear it all the time. But it's true. You pay us nothing when you make ringtones or wallpapers and send them to your phone.

What if I already paid for Myxer credits?

If you've ever paid us money for Myxer Credits, every last cent of it has been added to your Myxer account balance (viewable on your account page), which can be used to purchase any of the premium content available from Myxer artists. Even if you already used the credits! How awesome is that?

For example, let's say you bought 5 Myxer credits from us a month ago for $5.99. Regardless of how many of those credits you've already used, you will find a balance of $5.99 in your account that you can spend on premium Myxer content.

Can I get a refund for Myxer credits I didn't use yet?

No, sorry. But look at it this way: not only do you now have what amounts to an unlimited number of credits to use, every dollar you've ever spent on Myxer credits - including credits you've already used - can be used to purchase premium content from Myxer artists.

What if I earned lots of Myxer credits by inviting friends?

We love you! But in addition to our love and gratitude, we've rewarded you with $2 in your Myxer account balance for every friend that you signed up! That's real money you can use toward the purchase of any premium content in the Myxer catalog.

Will I get more money by inviting more friends?

No, this was a one time reward. Signing up friends will definitely continue to increase your Kharma, but it won't increase your account balance. We're still keeping track of who refers who, though, and chances are we'll want to do a reward of some kind in the future for people who continue to invite friends. We just haven't thought of what we're going to do yet.

Can you just send me a check for the money in my account balance?

Ha, ha, good one!


The money in your account balance is just to be used for the purchase of premium content from Myxer. It's not redeemable or refundable for anything but that.

What happens if my account balance is less than the price or the ringtone I want to buy?

No problem. Just click on the link that says "buy it online using PayPal". We will only charge you for the difference between your cash balance and the price of the item.

Will my account balance expire?

Your cash balance is good for six months, which means they will expire on June 30th.

We have tons of great premium content available. Click here for some additional info. Use it now before it's gone.

Why in the world would you make it free when it costs you money to offer the service?

We're crazy! We're giving the stuff away!

Nah, we're not crazy. We just want Myxer to be the undisputed best way to make and share mobile content on the planet. An important part of that is to make our pricing as simple as possible, and the credits were getting in the way. So we exterminated them.

Don't worry about us, we'll be fine. We'll make it up on volume. ;)