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What is Mixer?

Myxer is the best way to get the stuff you love to your phone. It's the place where over 57.1 million people go to download from the Internet's largest collection of ringtones, wallpapers and videos - over 2,444,926 pieces of content in all, and growing every minute! Almost all of the content is free, as we're advertising supported. There are NO hidden subscription fees. Getting your content is simple - we work with over 1,000 handsets in more than 90 countries. Start Exploring Now!

You can also make your own ringtones from the music you already own. Myxer's fun, free tools let you customize your ringtones and wallpapers using any part of the song or image that you want. Get Started with Make Your Own.

Myxer began four years ago with one goal in mind — to be the champion for indie bands and musicians that want their voice heard in the mobile space. Most independent artists were shut out of the ringtone and wallpaper market because they just weren't big enough. Now with Myxer, over 100,000 bands have found a way to reach their fans and the enormous Myxer audience, with more joining all the time. We're also moving beyond the music space to help all kinds of original content providers, consumer brands, and organizations to mobilize their content, so you'll be seeing more unique, free content every day.

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As a consumer, what can Myxer help me do with my stuff?

If you can't find what you want in our giant catalog, or if you just prefer to create cool mobile content from you own files, we have a number of free things you can do.

Create Ringtones from your Music - We'll convert your music files to ringtones and send them to your phone for free. You can use MP3, WAV, WMA and most other unprotected audio formats, and you can pick the exact part of the song you want for your ringtone.

Create Stylish Wallpapers from your Photos - We'll send your pictures right to your phone for free. You can use GIF, JPG, and BMP formats.

Send Videos to your Phone - Your videos can be uploaded and sent to your phone to view when you please.

Get Started with Make Your Own

How can my band use Myxer?

Myxer lets you convert your original music into ringtones in minutes, making them instantly available to your fans. But that's just the beginning. Myxer gives bands and artists a bunch of great tools to promote their content, including Vanity text codes, MyxerTags™ for your Web site, and a personal mobile web site with all of your content. You'll be able to easily tell your fans how to get your stuff, whether you're at a gig, sending a flyer, or updating your Web site.

Our millions of users are always looking to discover new indie content, so you'll also get free exposure to our giant community. Learn more about how we can help bands.

How can others benefit from Myxer?

If you're a content provider, consumer brand or organization, you'll be amazed at how simple (and free) it is to mobilize your content. Contact us at for more details.

If you're an advertiser, Myxer has the largest interactive audience spanning The Web and The Mobile Web. We do over tens of millions of mobile downloads per month and our audience is the young, tech-savvy crowd that you are interested in reaching. Contact us at

Myxer is about making the mobile space as simple and free as the Internet.

What else is there to know about Myxer?

Well, we pronounce it mixer, although sometimes people refer to our site as MyxerTones (or Mixer Tones). We don't really care how you pronounce our name, we just hope you can find or create whatever it is you want for your phone. Oh, and make sure you tell your friends if you like our site!

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We have a addon for IE and FireFox, MyxerMagic, that allows you to send pretty much any image on the web directly to your phone by just right clicking on it. It really is that easy.

If you have any comments or suggestions on things you like about Myxer, or if there's something we can do better, we'd like to hear from you.