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Feature Overview

This page describes all of the features available in Myxer's Mobile Artist offering. If you are thinking of establishing your mobile presence, read on to discover all of the powerful capabilities Myxer can offer.

Customizable Mobile Web Site

A mobile web site ensures that anyone with any internet-enabled phone can find you. Your mobile web site is generated automatically at a personalized URL (such as( soon as you choose your personalized keyword. Choose from customizable site themes, and offer fans the ability to easily download your content, sign up for and participate in your fanlist, and find your show dates directly from their phone. To promote your mobile site on flyers, at gigs, or from other web sites, simply tell users to "Text KEYWORD to 69937 (MYXER)." They'll instantly get a link to your site sent to their phone. No more walking around shows to collect email addresses by hand - the mobile web is the place to reach anyone on their device, regardless of whether they have an iPhone, Blackberry, or a phone you may have never heard of.

Mobile Site FEATURES:

Artist Bio (photo, short description)
Tour Date Information
Downloadable Mobile Content
Fanlist Sign-up
Recent Fan Messages
Facebook Fan Sign-up
Social Network site links

Mobile Site Features

Text Keyword

Using your text keyword, fans can find your mobile site, content, and fanlist straight from your flyers or gig posters.

Mobile Web Site

When your fans "Text KEYWORD to 69937", they'll get a text message back with a link to your Myxer mobile web site.


You can also set item keywords for each individual content item you have, allowing users to "Text KEYWORD ITEMKEYWORD to 69937" to get a direct link to that item.
Offer each ringtone separately on your Mixtape, or let fans receive a text message with a link to the ringtone for your single from right in the Club!


Users can "Text JOIN KEYWORD to 69937" to automatically opt in to your mobile fanlist.

Note: If you use this Text Code on a website or flyer, you must include the following text (STOP and HELP must be in bold):
Msg&Data Rates May Apply. Compatible with most handsets and carriers including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile. Text STOP to 69937 to opt out, or text HELP to 69937 for help.

Text keyword to drive traffic to your mobile web site

Mobile Fanlist

A mobile fanlist lets you to communicate with your fans instantly wherever they are, using text messaging. Use your fanlist to remind fans of upcoming events, distribute new music, make announcements or just keep in touch. Users can join your fanlist from your mobile site, your profile page, or by texting "JOIN KEYWORD" to 69937 using your keyword. And Myxer lets fans choose how often they receive messages, and whether they come via text, email, or both, so you never need to feel like your intruding.

Collect fans for your mobile fanlist from the web, your mobile web site, and using your text keyword

Mobile Dashboard

For artists on the road or on the go, the mobile dashboard allows you to keep up on your fans' mobile activity as well as send them messages through your text fanlist.

Access your mobile dashboard right from your own mobile web site

Create and Distribute Mobile Content

Myxer began as the place for independent artists to offer ringtones, wallpapers, and mobile videos to their fans. We still provide the easiest service for anyone to mobilize their MP3s, photos, graphics, and videos. Just upload your existing files in any common format, and we'll instantly make them available as ringtones, wallpapers, and mobile videos to virtually any device.

You can create an unlimited amount of mobile content, and fans can download it via your Myxer web or mobile web site, via SMS using your text keyword, or via custom widgets that you can use from your own web site, MySpace or Facebook page.

Myxer has a dedicated support team available at for any questions, concerns or problems that may arise. And, don’t worry; we can help your fans handle any issues they may run into as well.

Creating Content

Customizable Content Distribution Widgets

There is no better place to promote your ringtones, wallpapers, and mobile videos than your own web site and social network pages. Myxer's skinnable flash widgets are the viral tools that have helped our artists deliver millions of mobile downloads to date. Fans can use your widgets to download your content directly from your web sites or blogs.

Website, MySpace, Facebook Storefront Widgets

Join the Myxer Catalog

With over 26 million Myxer users and over 65 million pieces of mobile content downloaded each month, the Myxer catalog is the best place to offer your content within the web's largest collection of ringtones, wallpapers, mobile videos, and apps.

Quite simply, Myxer is the place users come to find stuff for their phone, and joining Myxer as an artist allows you to become part of it all.

Myxer Catalog

Basic Download Data

Follow your content downloads to see what ringtones, wallpapers, and mobile videos your fans like the most.

Activity Report

Advanced Analytics

To effectively run your career like a business you'll need to find ways to gauge the success of your marketing and promotional efforts. To help you gain a greater understanding of your mobile presence, Myxer provides you with impression and download data for your mobile web site, web profile, widgets and text keyword.

Data Charts in Dashboard

Local Tour Date Promotion on Homepage

We understand that for many artists, live performances and merchandise sales are their bread and butter. Myxer wants to help our users get to your shows by putting your events on our Homepage! When you enter your show dates in your dashboard, we'll automatically promote them on the home page to any user in the area of the show. If you play in a large metropolitan area, this equates to potentially millions of visitors over the course of a year that will see your show dates and details on

Myxer Homepage Tour Promotions

Email Support

Myxer has thrived in the independent music space due to good relationships with our artists and content providers, and we maintain this relationship via our Artist email support-line. Email us at with any questions or comments you may have about Myxer and our services.