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Long Gone
by Vickie Natale

Ringtone for April 17, 2014

Are you in love with a guy that can't handle you? If so, Vickie Natale's soulful new track "Long Gone" is the perfect ringtone for you! Just don't wait too long to download it cause she'll be long gone!
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Start Over
by Andria D'Angelo

Ringtone for April 16, 2014

Andria D'Angelo, age 20, has been entertaining audiences with her amazing voice and dancing ability from a very young age. This St. Louis talent has recently hooked up with entertainment manager Rob Evans, who's credentials range from an associate movie producer to music entertainment...
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How It Go
by Texaz Twinz

Ringtone for April 15, 2014

Young hustlers Twin Texas are gettin’ their Lone Star State grind on and there’s nothing standin’ between them and fame! With some seriously slick production and the dopest rhymes this side of the Rio Grande, you can bet these twins are fixin’ to blow up in the streets! Their super-catchy, bass-heavy single, “How It Go,” is already catchin’ the airwaves on fire, and with good reason, it’s just about one of the most addictive tracks we’ve heard in a hot minute! Now that you know, hurry up and download it, yo!
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On Fire ft. ¡MAYDAY!
by Lil Wayne X Mayday

Ringtone for April 14, 2014

The aptly titled track, “On Fire,” by Lil’ Wayne featuring Miami’s MAYDAY is just that—FIRE. Young Money-approved and backing Lil’ Wayne on a variety of tracks, be on the lookout for MAYDAY’s new mixtape “Lord of the Fly.” Download the ringtone now, set it as your favorite and get ready for the sparks to fly!
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Big Dream In A Little Town
by Candy Coburn

Ringtone for April 13, 2014

"Big Dream In A Little Town" has inspired countless dreamers for awhile now and we thought it was high time to highlight it as a ringtone you can carry with you to remind you of greatness someday. Download this one compliments of Candy Coburn, then flip out your lighter app and sway to the possibilities of big dreams even in the smallest towns!
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by Kali Kronic

Ringtone for April 11, 2014

Hold the phone and hit the fire alarm, yo! Kali Kronic is in the building! With a pristine blend of Latin, pop, and hip hop— Orlando-based songstress Kali Kronic is ready to carve her catchy lil’ name into the pop charts!
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Bad For You
by Midnight Mirage

Ringtone for April 10, 2014

MIDNIGHT MIRAGE consists of five young musicians who migrated from all over the U.S. to Hollywood to make music together.
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