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Bad For You
by Midnight Mirage

Ringtone for April 10, 2014

MIDNIGHT MIRAGE consists of five young musicians who migrated from all over the U.S. to Hollywood to make music together.
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Savoir Faire

Ringtone for April 9, 2014

In French, “savoir-faire” means to “know how to respond appropriately in any situation.” That notion fits today’s Myxer pick of the day perfectly. Hailing from N.Y.C., artist/emcee Loot has got that fresh, old-school aesthetic, yet he couples it immaculately with new-school production-- beat-heads should really love this one! Musically, this track reminded us of Camp Lo’s hip-hop classic, “Luchini” and that my friends, ain’t no slouch of a comparison… Peep today’s selection, see why we think it’s “on the money!”
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Tears Behind A Smile
by One Star Story

Ringtone for April 8, 2014

Comin' straight outta the “Show Me State” is the phenomenal, One Star Story! Amazing vocals and sick guitar work are at the forefront of One Star Story’s fierce sonic attack! Lead singer Vanessa Rose helms this ship and she's the perfect compliment to the band’s powerful yet emotional assault. Check out “Tears Behind A Smile” and get ready to be completely and utterly blown away!
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Dream -Krissy Krissy
by Krissy Krissy

Ringtone for April 7, 2014

Influenced by artists like Adele, Pink, Gym Class Heros, its no wonder Krissy Krissy has the sound she does. Bushwick's fav girl was born with a whole lotta soul, raised in Brooklyn, she ain't scared to run with the boyz. She has 26 tats, some of which we are gonna keep secret right now. She drinks a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with whip. Her first single, "Dream" Charted TOP 10 on I Heart Radio and landed a featured spot on MTV, Its video debut on VEVO hit over 200,000 video views in 48 hours! Her debut album "Above All" available Sept 25, is dedicated to her father, "whose love is above all."
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by Rudy V

Ringtone for April 6, 2014

Rudy V explodes on the scene with his new single entitled "Crazy". A well produced and written track that is sure to make your head nod and stand out as any ringtone should!
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U Think U Got It
by AGame

Ringtone for April 5, 2014

West Coast R&B popster AGame is steady blowin' up the spot with his certified banger, "U THINK U GOT IT." So, grab this one, fast, 'cuz you may think you got it, but if you don't get it-- you're sleepin, yo'!
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Soul Revolutions [5G REMIX]
by Erin Barra

Ringtone for April 4, 2014

Erin Barra's sound draws from a diverse range of musical influences that creates a distinctive mix of Pop, Rock and Soul with splashes of Reggae. Heavy on the lyrical content she infuses both substance and consciousness into her songwriting with penetrating skill and a unique instrumental perspective. Get her new album and more at
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