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by C.KhiD

Ringtone for April 3, 2014

C.KhiD is a new Hip-Hop culture birthed music artist that will help redefine the genre's limitations. "A breath of fresh air," once said the founder of Down South Rap Music site. Born in South Carolina, you can only rate C.KhiD (pronounced C KiD) as an obviously unique individual that fits no category by rap standards.
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We Can Make It
by Keshia Angeline

Ringtone for April 2, 2014

Keshia Angeline , was born in Canada, Father Jamaican mother Canadian. Loving music at a young age she like so many, sang at church and in school always begging to do the Solo, loving the audience. Her love of music spreads to many different genres from R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, to country and even her brothers Hard Core Band. Keshia's music is a combination of the new school digital Pop/RNB mixed with a timeless sound,with her voice being described by many as smooth,and addictive.She is very passionate about her music yet loves life and is often playing around and making jokes. Her cute/fun personality and bright smile naturally draws people in. Keshia's dream is to get her music heard around the world, and hopes that people will love and enjoy her music as much as she loves singing it.
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In The Morning
by Teck Money

Ringtone for April 1, 2014

Download today's 'Pick of the Day' "In The Morning" by Teck Money and watch out for those creepers!
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Out Of My Frame
by The Resolvers

Ringtone for March 31, 2014

Emerging from the vibrant beach town of Deerfield Beach, the Resolvers have quickly become the Premier Alt. Reggae Act of the South Florida Music Scene. They capture the essence of the Classic Reggae Sound: natural acoustic percussion, deep bass grooves, worldly drum rhythms, tasty vintage keyboards, bluesy guitar licks and multi-part vocal harmonies…then blend it with modern songwriting craftsmanship to create their own familiar-yet-purely-original take on World Music.
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Look At Me
by Flash

Ringtone for March 30, 2014

Reppin’ the South to the fullest, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Alabama,” superstar emcee Flash is about to run this rap table-- quick, fast and in a hurry! His smash, “Look at Me” is one of those ringtones we love, sure to have everyone turnin’ their heads the second your phone blows up! A slow, plodding, steel drum beat drives this banger, and with more tracks like this, it’s not gonna be long before Flash is clockin’ serious scrilla! Download this one while it’s hot!
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I Just Died In Your Arms
by Lies Like Me

Ringtone for March 29, 2014

One of the best songs from the 80's, reinvented here for your pleasure! Lies Like Me all-out kill this powerful version of Cutting Crew's classic, "I Just Died In Your Arms," and you're gonna dig it in a major way, tonight! Download and enjoy...
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Get Down ft. OnCue
by Chris Webby

Ringtone for March 28, 2014

From the 'burbs of Connecicut comes the greatest thing to happen to Hip-Hop since those Kanye shades. Just one listen to Chris Webby will make you realize whats in store for this young talented emcee on his grizzly-grind.
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