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Give it to You
by D-League

Ringtone for March 27, 2014

South Florida's D-League is reppin' for the Nine-5-Four, so don't sleep! Check their smash ringtone, "Give It To You."
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That Thing You Do
by Candy Coburn

Ringtone for March 26, 2014

This smokin' hot little number is compliments of Candy Coburn. “That Thing You Do” is the latest of Candy's upbeat, wild country music style that’s sure to get your engines runnin’. Grab this one, throw it on your phone and get lost in the thought of havin' your favorite someone next to you!
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Cool Whip
by Big Tim

Ringtone for March 25, 2014

Big Tim is an independent artist located in Niagara Falls, NY. He is mainly a part of the Hip-Hop genre but also has tracks released along the lines of Pop and R&B. Big Tim is also involved in song writing, studio engineering & cinematography.
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Don't Believe U ft. Tay Dizm

Ringtone for March 24, 2014

Get the "Don’t Believe U ft. Tay Dizm” ringtone and download the 7 3/8 mixture available on Myxer. Hailing from Westchester NY, G Fella is one of the most talented rappers to ever grace the genre. G Fella uses his incredible verbal skills to tell his authentic story of a kid growing up in a “goodfella” lifestyle and embarking on a journey through Hip Hop to pave the way for a new cultural influence, he’s already started to take his audience by storm! To read more go to
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Summer Lovin
by Jaelle

Ringtone for March 23, 2014

California, Jaelle and her sister/best friend Amie, spent their days creating shows to perform for friends and family. Attending an open call for "The Little Rascals," she got the role of a baby ballerina, leading to the Joffrey Nutracker and to a full scholarship at the summer program at the San Francisico Ballet School. Jaelle started singing in talent shows, and her friends were requesting she sing their favorite songs.Jaelle began writing her own songs and went in to LA studios with music producers leading to the opportunity to work with British producer Sammy Jay and Ric Rude of Destiny's Child Fame-"Cater to You".
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Rule the World

Ringtone for March 22, 2014

Download "Rule the World"to your phone for an uplifting ringtone that speaks to the soul and delivers positive vibes. Be sure to keep an eye on Miami’s own SOUNDSTAR for more great music that fuses genres to create their own unique style. Each song they create is different from the last, which is why many call SOUNDSTAR, "the cure for the common song”!
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Space Ship

Ringtone for March 21, 2014

Blast off in Tay Dizm’s “Space Ship” to elevate you to the stratosphere! Check out Nappy Boy’s own Tay Dizm and his hit mixtape Point Em Out.
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