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I Still Luv Her
by Shade Sheist

Ringtone for April 24, 2014

A decade later and out from the shadows these playaz have come back with a brand new Cali/KillaFormula/We$t Coa$t CLASSICK anthem to dip out in the streets to. Man if this ish don’t get no love on the radio, especially in my city, then just nail in the coffin on LA radio. And please bring back more music featuring the Roger Troutman talkbox!
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Depressing feat Tay Dizm

Ringtone for April 23, 2014

Don’t be depressed, because you can get this free T-Pain ringtone featuring Tay Dizm! Following the success of “Best Love Song” featuring Chris Brown, T-Pain is building anticipation for his new album Revolver which will come out this year! Pain is tearing up the road on his current tour so download Prevolver and check out T-Pain in the club!
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Shut Down
by Greedy White Citizens

Ringtone for April 22, 2014

Well, we don’t know if they’re really “greedy,” but we do know, they really rock! Hailing from the ATL, G.W.C. are spreading their infectious brand of riff-laden pop-rock throughout the Deep South, and gettin’ ready to bring it worldwide! On today’s featured jam, “Shut Down,” the boys provide the listener with a monster bass line and aggressive lyrical stance that is sure to get the most passive listener up and off their feet. This tune rawks in a major way, and we highly suggest you get to snatchin’ it up-- pronto!
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Round We Go
by Jaelle

Ringtone for April 18, 2014

California, Jaelle and her sister/best friend Amie, spent their days creating shows to perform for friends and family. Attending an open call for "The Little Rascals," she got the role of a baby ballerina, leading to the Joffrey Nutracker and to a full scholarship at the summer program at the San Francisico Ballet School. Jaelle started singing in talent shows, and her friends were requesting she sing their favorite songs.Jaelle began writing her own songs and went in to LA studios with music producers leading to the opportunity to work with British producer Sammy Jay and Ric Rude of Destiny's Child Fame-"Cater to You".
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